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A happy ending! Xinzhou in the exhibition harvest a lot!

A happy ending! Xinzhou in the exhibition harvest a lot! Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center -- International Optical Lenses, Camera Modules and Acoustic Devices Exhibition, (September 22 -- 24), successfully ended on September 24! Xinzhou industrial exhibits have cabinet UV dryer, desk UV dryer, conveyor dryer, dual temperature and dual control dust-free oven. The exquisite appearance design of each machine and the scientific and practical functional application have been unanimously recognized and praised by the visitors in the industry. And both sides had a very pleasant industry exchange, which laid a good foundation for future cooperation. In this exhibition, Xinzhou will fully display the products, in the optical lens, camera module, acoustic device industry has been a good publicity effect, further expand the market of these industries. Good quality products, coupled with appropriate publicity, plus old customers word-of-mouth publicity, for Xinzhou to win the market, win customers! The exhibition harvest a lot! Thank you for the wonderful field of new and old customers!


Xinzhou will soon participate in the 2nd Guangzhou International Optical Lens, Camera Module and Acoustic Devices Exhibition

The second Guangzhou International Optical Lens, Camera Module and Acoustic Devices Exhibition -- Xinzhou and you are here to stay Exhibition Time: September 22-24, 2015 Exhibition Venue: Guangzhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center Booth No. : A148 Exhibits: Conveying UV dryer, cabinet UV dryer, dust-free oven. We look forward to buyers from all walks of life, professional audiences, relevant units and new and old customers to participate in, sincerely invite you to visit, guidance! The heart of the boat with you.


Xinzhou industry attaches importance to after-sales service system construction, seeking development in the competition!

With the development and maturity of the market economy, the market competition is intensifying. How to further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, establish a comprehensive after-sales service management system, improve the relationship between enterprises and customers, and achieve the goal of winning the competition and rapid growth is the key for enterprises to successfully occupy the market. Xinzhou Industry attaches great importance to the construction of after-sales service system, well aware of the important role of after-sales service in the development of enterprises. Recently, Xinzhou Company organized a series of training activities, including after-sales service training content. The picture shows the senior engineer explaining the industrial oven to the after-sales service team