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Nitrogen Cabinets, Moisture-proof Cabinets
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Automatic Transport Constant Temperature And Humidity Curing Machine

Founded in 2005, is a commitment to light equipment research, development, production and sales as one of the professional characteristics of the production and marketing companies. Over the years, our company holds high-quality products, reasonable price adjustment, superior service awareness, has established a photoelectric (LED, LCD) integrated circuits, (IC) camera, mobile phones, computers, monitors, electronic components and many other industries Of the customer network.

August 2016 by Dongguan City Xinzhou Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. injection of the establishment of Dongguan City Public Rui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., focusing on power batteries, micro capacitors, film capacitors automation equipment R & D and production. 2015-2016 years in June to develop the first super capacitor, tunnel-type vacuum injection sealing one machine. October 2014 developed the first high-temperature heat-exchange type high-temperature oven. August 2014 Developed the first vacuum hot air circulating dryer. June 2013 developed the first domestic high-temperature high-vacuum pulse welding machine. In August 2011, we moved to Endurance Industrial Park, 4th Industrial Zone, Xiaoanbian, Changan Town, Dongguan City, with the production area expanded to 3000㎡, 46 employees and 8 R & D designers. November 2008 passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification. In August 2008, we moved to No.39 Zhen'an Road, Dongguan City, with the production area expanded to 1500㎡, 32 employees, 4 R & D designers. October 2006 R & D department set up, with two R & D personnel. July 2005 to set up the city of Dongguan City Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd., the production area of 650 ㎡, 10 employees. August 2002 in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, the town of Changan set up the Department of e-business equipment.