About C SAIL

2005 Year

C SAIL was established in 2005

18 +

18+years of development and industry experience

30 +

Served in 30+industries

10000 +

Successfully exported over 10000 industrial drying equipment and environmental rooms to domestic and foreign customers

Development History


Xinzhou Industrial Equipment Co., LTD

Focus on development and production for precision industrial drying equipment


Xinzhou Industrial Equipment Co., LTD

Set up long term cooperation with AIHUA GROUP, GREE, HUAWEI, PANASONIC, CAPXON, etc.


Xinzhou Industrial Equipment Co., LTD

Successfully developed the Chinese first High-temperature and High Vacuum Pulse Welding Machine,Super Capacitor-tunnel Type Vacuum Liquid Injection Sealing Machine


Xinhai Industrial Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD

Production scale: 10000㎡,80 employees,20 professional design engineers team,Set up R&D department with Hubei Art and Science University


Xinhai Industrial Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD

Successfully developed Chinese first Capacitor High and Low Temperature Automatic Aging Sorter,Automatic Capacitor Tin Dipping Machine


Xinhaiyue Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD

Establish 20 persons professional Foreign trade sales team


Xinhai Industrial Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Move to a new plant to expand the scale

Dongguan Xinzhou Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd

Dongguan Xinzhou Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Chang'an Town, Dongguan City in 2005. We have been focusing on the research and development and production of various precision industrial drying equipment. Our main products include: industrial hot air ovens, IC oxidation free ovens, dust-free ovens, energy-saving high-temperature ovens, tunnel type hot air ovens, hot air IR dryers, air energy hot air dryers, vacuum/nitrogen filled ovens, UV curing machines, UV electronic power supplies, aging test chambers, high and low temperature and low gas pressure testing machines, high-temperature vacuum welding furnaces, vacuum tunnel dryers, and non-standard automation equipment. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and has obtained over 10 utility model patents.

Our main products: Industrial hot air oven, vacuum nitrogen filled oven, tunnel hot air dryers, air energy & solar energy negative pressure dryers, dust-free anaerobic ovens, positive and negative pressure solidification furnaces, high-temperature vacuum welding furnaces, high-temperature and high vacuum crystal pre-oxygenation furnaces, UV curing machines, semiconductor testing and sorting machines, automatic vacuum glue filling curing equipment, High temperature sintering equipment for hydrogen battery carbon paper tape, aging testing and sorting equipment for photovoltaic and automotive capacitor, new energy battery vertical vacuum tunnel dryer etc.

Dongguan Xinzhou Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd
Hubei Xinhai Industrial Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Hubei Xinhai Industrial Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Hubei Xinhai Industrial Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Yicheng City, Xiangyang City in 2018, with a production workshop of 10000 ㎡, and is fully invested by Xinzhou Industry. The company has a more comprehensive production system. Including research and development, production (incoming inspection, sheet metal processing, accessory processing, paint baking, electrical assembly), quality control, sales, and after-sales service.In 2020, it established an R&D center with the Hubei University of Arts and Science. In 2021, Xinhai Industry passed the high-tech industry certification and obtained the China AAA credit enterprise certificate.

The main production equipment includes: CNC bending machine, mechanical CNC turret punching machine, laser cutting machine, metal circular saw machine, sand blasting machine, spraying and baking room, electrostatic powder spraying machine, welding machine (argon arc welding and carbon dioxide arc welding), pipe bending machine, milling machine, grinder, high-speed CNC winding machine, cutting machine, air compressor and so on.

The main testing equipment includes: vacuum gauge meter, multi-point thermometer, infrared thermometer, tachometer, anemometer, micro oxygen content tester, pressure tester, UV energy tester, dust particle tester etc.

Suzhou Xinhaiyue Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Suzhou XinHaiYue Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2023 in Suzhou city, JiangShu province, which was invested by Hubei XINHAI Industrial Intelligent Equipment Co.,ltd . It is a export sales company formed by a team with 15 years of foreign trade sales experience. The most important thing for a technical equipment company is to make customers feel at ease when using equipment and provide reliable after-sales service. Therefore, XinHaiYue not only established a professional sales & after-sales team,but also set up an equipment showroom for customers to visit.

Jiangsu Xinhua Technology Co., Ltd